June 2016.

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Crazy Claw is Virtually Grabbing Top Game Attention in China Tests

redemption tickets

Here’s the Ticket! 


Crazy Claw

Crazy Claw

For those who saw and played the video redemption prototype game ‘Crazy Claw’ in the Rocket Amusement booth at the Amusement Expo, you already know how much fun this skill game is to play over and over again. Since winning an AMOA 2016 Innovator Award at the Amusement Expo, ‘Crazy Claw’ has been improved and been testing at 3 locations in China (and at a secret location here in the US) and will soon make its official testing debut in the US at our TRR #1 Test Location. Both Ronny ‘Rocket’ Siller, the inventor and ‘the Crank’ both feel that ‘Crazy Claw’ will be virtually grabbing attention in the US and around the globe.

[Rocket Ron’s tag line is ‘The Operators NEW Best Friend’ because Ron plans to make a smaller footprint version of Crazy Claw that game operators can afford as well as manufacture several other very small footprint and low price standard and videmption games that are built with superior quality to last 20 years and be able to be upgraded.  We know you have heard all this before, but Ron is on the level.]

Brief History of Rocket Amusements President Ron Siller

ron with glasses

Ronnie ‘Rocket’ Siller – Operator’s new best friend

Ron’s involvement in the amusement industry predates the era of Space Invaders when video games were black and white. He began as an operator but always had a desire to design games. His San Antonio, TX-based company, 21st Century Amusements, exclusively operated video games. Gypsy Juggler, Dog Patch and Circus were among the route’s first games. In 1988, Ron answered his calling and began to design and develop games. He cofounded, with Frank Bundra, the company that made AmeriDarts, a video game that simulated soft-tip dart play. The Chicago-based factory, called Ameri Corp., was active through 1995 and released other games, including Championship 9-Ball Shootout, EuroPool and Punky Doodle. From 1996 to 2000, Ron led CoinMan, a company he founded to develop hardware and software systems for the electronic entertainment industry. It was headquartered in San Francisco. Ron went on to lead development at other organizations until establishing Digital Chile in 2008. He still oversees the Austin, TX-based company which creates electronic educational products. Now, with the startup of Rocket Amusements, Ron has circled back to his coin-op roots, bringing with him his passion for design and engineering. Rocket’s new Crazy Claw game, a digital replication of the skill crane, took three years to develop and get it right and received the Amusement and Music Operator Association’s 2016 Innovator Award.

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Northeast Insurance Center Wins Major National Recognition-Congratulations!

Northeast Insurance Center recognized in short list of top specialty brokers

Ric Maylott of insurance agency Northeast Insurance Center, Cape Coral, FL, has received special recognition from Insurance Business America (IBA) magazine in their ‘2016 US Specialty Brokers Report’. Northeast Insurance Center was one of the two agencies recognized in the ‘Amusement Park’ industry category. This special report features 148 insurance brokers across a wide and diverse spectrum of industries that provide the best personal services for their clients. [Ric handles the insurance needs of many of AEM’s clients and TRR-FEC is very proud to be associated with Ric, wife Lynne, daughter Lynn, Robert, and the rest of the Maylott family and NEI staff. Contact Ric at [email protected] ]

“By tapping into niches as diverse as yachts and psychoanalysts, youth recreation and horse breeding, many insurance brokerages have bucked the trend and grown their platforms, expanding their reach and bringing in more premium – and more success – than ever,” said Insurance Business America journalist, Tim Garratt. “They’re also helping shape a new definition of ‘community,’ one that isn’t limited by geographic boundaries, but rather is compatible with the online experience of connecting based on interest and industry.”

To view the full list of agencies, go to: http://www.ibamag.com/rankings/us-specialty-brokers-2016/


Alpha-Omega Amusements & Sales is Your One Stop Shop for Everything Related to Amusement Games

Foundations Entertainment University now has a YouTube Channel

Foundations Entertainment University

Foundations Entertainment UniversityRecent Foundations University graduate 4-decade veteran game operator and FEC owner Lonnie Sobel, Chinatown Fair, Jersey City, NJ has a lot to say when he saw the new Foundations Class #38 YouTube Videos:

Lonnie:  ‘Watching all of the YouTube interviews and slides made me feel like I was there again with all my new best friends and family hanging out right beside me. I didn’t get “to do a YouTube video; I guess time just ran out; however, I would have said simply:

“You have to go if you are in this industry; it will give you a whole new perspective on everything. Thanks Frank and Jerry and Linda and EMBED and Betson and everyone else who influenced me into being there!  Until we meet again, I will miss all of you, teachers and students alike!  

I thought I knew a lot about this industry from what my 40+ years of experience had taught me.  However, these 3 days taught me how little I really knew, and how much more I need to learn to get where I want to be. I know these 3 days at Foundations will be a turning point for turning my dreams and expectations into realities!!’

Now ya’ll can watch the FEU Class #38 YouTube videos and pictures.

Foundations Entertainment University Class #38 Chicago, IL Quick Facts

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June 14-16   3 days/2 evenings

Total 22 attendees, 13 sponsors, 6 presenters, + Linda Becking (Coordinator) = 42

Representing 8 US States, Trinidad, India, Canada, UK

FEC’s, Bowling, Inflatables, Children’s Centers, Trampoline Parks, Franchisors, Franchisees, Bar-Cades, Bar-FECs, Pocket Parks, Tactical Laser Tag, Arcade Owners, Game Operators, and special guest AAMA Business & Finance Manage/Marketing Director, Tina Schwartz.

Attending Sponsors: Betson, EMBED, US Bowling, Sureshot Redemption, Zone Laser Tag, Creative Works, Amusement Products, Party Center Software, Center Edge Software, Venue Industries. [‘the Crank’-Great turnout of sponsors and great interaction with group!!-Thank You.]

Speakers: 200+ years of industry experience:

  • Randy White (White Hutchinson Leisure & Learning Group)
  • Jerry Merola (Amusement Entertainment Management-AEM),
  • Peter Olesen (Entertainment Concepts)
  • Frank Seninsky (Amusement Entertainment Management-AEM)
  • Frank Price (FL Price)
  • Kevin Williams (KWP Ltd.)

Frank Seninsky: ‘Foundations University kicked off its 14th consecutive year with a very diverse group of eager ‘wanna-beezz’ and established veterans with single as well as multiple locations looking to raise the bar in their entertainment facilities.  The attendee group even included a 13-year-old (Jesse Janson, Chinatown Fair, Jersey City, NJ) who has worked in the business most of his life and gave us all a run for our money.’

Day 2 started off with 3-morning Breakout Sessions for variety where the attendees got to choose between 2 classes for each session.  These fully attended sessions included:

  • Getting the Most Out of Smaller Sites – Olesen
  • Virtual Reality & Payments in the 21st Century – Williams
  • Remarkable Parties and Groups – Price
  • How to raise project capital and source real estate for your entertainment project – Merola
  • How to Read an FEC P&L and Understand the Big Picture of How This Business Really Works – Seninsky
  • Market and Economic Feasibility & the Mix – White

Frank Seninsky, Co-Regent FEU:  ‘This had to be the most highly educated and business experienced class we have ever had at Foundations.  The group included lawyers, accountants, a construction company owner, hotel management, a food & beverage chef, investment professionals, real estate, FEC chain owners, and on and on.  Their questions kept all of the speakers on their toes.’


Holland Sullivan, Black Gold Productions, Duluth, GA: ‘Before you drive a car, you get a driver’s license.  Before you open an FEC, you attend Foundations.  Failing to prepare is deadly for you AND your family, friends, and others who want you to succeed.  FEU is critical to your FEC’s success.” [On a scale of 1-10 Holland rated Foundations a 99+–that has never happened before.]

When asked what Holland liked ‘least’ about Foundations:  ‘The fact that it ends.’

Scott and Brenda Damico, Damico Entertainment, Celina, TX:  ‘We have learned so much in these 3 days!  We would have made many costly mistakes had we done this on our own.’

Shalini Vij, Hang Out, New Delhi, India: It has been a very informative 3 days, have learned a lot, and heard different viewpoints.  I got expert advice and great suggestions.  Great platform to meet like-minded people in the industry.’

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Shannon Anthony, Roxy Entertainment, Greentown, IN: ‘Foundations is a great experience and I would recommend the course to anyone beginning or already established in the industry.’

Lonnie Sobel, Chinatown Fair, Jersey City, NJ:  ‘Very informative!  Thank you very much for everything!!!  What you all teach at Foundations is STUPENDOUS!!!  Thank you all for sharing.’

[Frank Seninsky comment:  I don’t recall seeing the word ‘stupendous’ in a long time. I told Lonnie–Maybe I work on a play on words and tie it in with something like ‘Go from stupid to stupendous in 3 days and 2 evenings at Foundations University.’—and that could be a new tag line, but maybe not politically correct!!  Maybe put in ‘somewhat stupid to stupendous?’]


Knock It Off Rotary w/Ticket Rolls Ranks #2 of all Games

knock-it-off-rotary-crane-redemption-merchandiser-game-elautOnly Wizard of Oz 6 Pl Beats It!!!

It is not the first time that the Knock It Off Rotary has ranked #2 Overall but WE 6-17-16 KIO ($2578) out earned Monster Drop Extreme ($2178) by $400. KIO usually ranks #3 Overall.  Wizard of Oz 6 Pl is the undisputed champ consistently ranked #1.  Check out the Top 90 Combined Rankings, Test Game Spreadsheet, and 18 Merchandisers Spreadsheet.

Where is the Best Pinball Arcade in New York City?

This story was sent to me by friend Vin Applegate and it is a good example that our industry’s games can go anywhere where people go.  Opportunities are sometimes right before your eyes and other times you have to knock on the door to go in and find them!

Sunshine Laundromat
860 Manhattan Ave., nr. Milton St., Greenpoint; 718-475-2055

“The best arcade in New York City looks like an ordinary laundromat. But walk past the line of washing machines, take a close look at the two stacked dryers set into the rear wall, and you’ll discover a not-quite-secret doorway. Behind it lies a speakeasy-style pinball arcade, complete with beers on tap, wine, and an automated fortune-telling chimp. Sunshine Laundromat’s charm is that you feel like you’ve stumbled into a hidden clubhouse, and the place rewards close inspection with further delights. That dryer near the front door? Peer inside and discover it’s been converted into a console for Area 51, the two-person shooter video game. Notice the vending machine, stocked with a variety of oddball items from pregnancy tests to powdered pork-gravy mix, all labeled with “bacon” stickers. But it’s not all whimsy; Sunshine Laundromat is a serious arcade that will satisfy pinball aficionados with more than 20 classic machines — including Indiana Jones, AC/DC, Twilight Zone, and Arabian Nights — in top condition. Be prepared to pay a bit of a premium, however: Most machines cost 75 cents per game.”