April 2016.

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Dynamic Designs Takes ‘HeadPinz’ to the Head of the Class

redemption tickets

Here’s the Ticket! 

Dynamic Designs has won more industry architectural awards than the average game operator has games on his route. That is quite an accomplishment! Dynamic’s most recent project openings are Circle Bowl & Entertainment (Ledgewood, NJ), Go ‘N Bananas (Lancaster, PA), and HeadPinz (Fort Myers, FL) – 50,000 sq. ft. – 28 lanes.logo-heather


Howard Ellman, Owner/Co-Chief Architect (along with Doug Wilkerson) of the Dynamic Designs Team, proudly reports, “HeadPinz is the most unique center we’ve done for three main reasons:

  • We went back 100 years in order to make it modern. Pat Ciniello, HeadPinz Owner/Chairman QubicaAMF Worldwide, wanted to create a tribute to the old days of bowling. We made the VIP room a throwback to old-time bowling at the turn of the last century, with manual pinsetters and ball returns. It was a challenge to make this facility feel that guests were both in the digital era but also in the early 1900s. I think we pulled it off.
  • With good weather in Florida most of the year, we were able to bring the indoors and outdoors together by opening up the restaurant and bar with a patio and an outside space.
  • We merged other attractions and profit centers. Customers can go on a ropes course that crosses directly over the laser tag arena, an exciting environment for any FEC.”
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“In terms of future projects”, Howard continues, “We have two openings later this summer that we’re very excited about:

  • Lefty’s (Rehoboth, DE) is a family entertainment center with bowling, games and laser tag, all of the profit centers that we specialize in.
  • The other is a yet-unnamed FEC in Orland Park, Illinois. The special thing about this center is that we will have 30-foot high ceilings, offering an opportunity to add more profit centers into the ‘free rent’ space. The ropes course and zip lines will go higher than they did in most of our previous projects. This project really allowed our designers to get creative.”

Amusement Entertainment Management, LLC, we offer a full range of consulting services, including early-stage feasibility analysis, business plan development, funding assistance, and conceptual design and layout services.


Frank ‘the Crank’ Likes ‘Up Up You Go’ Prototype Redemption Game by IGS / Wahlap shown at GTI Asia Expo Taipei 2016


Shown (r-l) Junsheng Wang, Director Sales / Marketing, Wahlap Technology and Yaroslav Sobko, GameTrade CEO, Kiev, Ukraine at GTI Asia Expo Taipei 2016 showing off new prototype ‘Up Up You Go’

Up Up You Go’ was one new game that Frank the Crank liked at the recent GTI Asia Expo Taipei 2016.  The prototype game is produced as a collaboration between IGS software and Wahlap.  Take a look at my YouTube video:


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What Happens in an Internet Minute – Where Does Our Industry Stand?

bn5What Happens in an Internet Minute

Where Does Our Industry Stand?

The answer is ‘not so good’. The clock chart has 16 major categories. How many of these does your business focus on?  My business only focuses on 5.

Here is my small piece of the pie:

LinkedIn.  I use it every day and about 100 people view my profile every month. I rank in the Top 4% so that is pretty good. Currently, I have 5000+ connections. That is pretty much the ‘choir’ of our industry. In general, our industry does not focus on LinkedIn. You can tell by how few comments there are and by the low visitation rates.

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Twitter. Give me a 0 for that. But this is super important for FECs to use.

Google Searches. My Blog is now up to 2000/month. The best in our industry is 30,000/month. Each of our trade magazines has e-publications and average way less as they also focus on the ‘choir’. I also have a long way to go. One thing I noticed is that some of the game manufacturers, for example, Bay-Tek, have great websites but they are mainly seen by the same ‘choir’.

YouTube.  I just started last month and have 4300 views. Best in our industry is BMI with 100,000/month. They currently have 537 videos and I have only have 67.

Facebook.  I am at 1000 views/month.  Chuck E Cheese has 10,000,000 all time with 1,000,000 Likes.

Emails. This has been my focus since 1984 as one of the first users of AOL. I started using Radio Mail before that but it was mainly for telephone conferences with AMOA Committees when I was out in the Louisiana Bayou. Currently, I respond to 200+ emails/day.  My company uses email as their main form of communication.



Japan Amusement Expo (JAEPO) Snapshot Coverage

(Kevin Williams, Stinger Report Editor)

The 4th Japan Amusement Expo (JAEPO) in February saw lower attendance (down to 17,053, on the 20,604 that attended in 2015), but major factories continue to invest in new amusement products. SEGA Interactive showed their latest kid-tainment release ‘Graffiti Card Battle’ mixing drawing and video play. Konami had the latest of music titles with their piano-style playing ‘Nostalgia’. Investment in new trends saw TAITO present a pop-up Escape Room concept while new Japanese developer ByKing revealed a next-gen technology using hand movements to control action in their new game ‘Magicians Death‘.

💡 What Could This Mean?

  • Japanese markets dependency on music games could prove limiting
  • Is it too late for the Japanese factories to change or will others step into the breach?
  • New technology could change the way the audience enjoys their games and could impact the business



Hooters Japan Shakes Up ‘Eatertainment’

(Kevin Williams, Stinger Report Editor)
The concept of food-n-fun gains momentum as the ‘eatertainment’ experience gathers pace. HOOTERS Japan reveals a concept for a new ‘interactive sports bar’, in partnership with BANDAI NAMCO to supply content. In the meantime, amusement in the UK tries to return to the pub and tavern market with a new take on video gaming in bars. English veteran Electrocoin Sales launches ‘Games Kiosk’ for pubs and clubs, developed as an operator-managed free play system. The machine is powered by tokens which are given to the player of the console games after they buy drinks or food at the venue. ‘Eatertainment’ is also seeing more interactive touchscreens in hospitality venues appealing to the digital native.

💡 What Could This Mean?

  • The hospitality market may go direct for their entertainment and forget amusement as an opportunity.
  • The use of consumer games machines in pubs and clubs could be jumped upon by the consumer entertainment scene.
  • The need for the right mix of food-n-fun may not be able to be delivered by the traditional trade.


ORCA Coast


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Basketball Game is a Skill Game. Watch this Video & You Decide – Skill or Beginner’s Luck

Foundations Entertainment University is Next Month – June 14-16 2016 in Chicago, IL

Foundations Entertainment UniversityInstruction on the best FEC operational practices, not unlike the VIP customer strategy de­scribed in this issue, is available at Foundations Entertainment University, which assembles three times a year. This year’s first FEU, Class No 38, will take place during June 14-16 in Chicago, IL. The next two sessions will be held on August 22-23 in Atlanta, GA and on October 18-20 in Phoenix, AZ. The $689 tu­ition fee includes 2-1/2 days of classroom instruction; lunch and dinner on Tuesday and Wednesday (the special hotel rate includes 3 breakfast coupons); a Tuesday-evening tour of lo­cal entertainment centers; and a comprehensive manuscript book and CD. Informal one-on-one consultations with instructors and attending sponsors greatly enhance the value of the program.

FEU, now in its 14th year, covers financial feasibility, planning, design, financing, develop­ment, marketing and managing a successful location-based entertainment business. Frank Seninsky is a founding member of the faculty, which also includes Randy White, White Hutchin­son Leisure & Learning Group; Jerry Merola, Amusement Entertainment Management (AEM); Frank Price, FL Price; engineer Peter Olesen, Entertainment Concepts; and Kevin Williams, KWP Ltd. Frank Price’s Birthday University is held in conjunction with Foundations Entertainment University. All FEU attendees can attend Birthday University for $10.

Register for the June event now at foundationsuniversity.com


Industry Events 2016

Dates Name/Link City/Country Frank ‘the Crank’
May 2016 Attending / Speaking
21 – 24  NRA Show  Chicago, IL, USA
25 – 26  Euromat Convention  Barcelona, Spain 💡 SPEAKING
24-26 Sweets & Snacks Expo Chicago, IL USA
June 2016
08 – 09  Birthday Univesity  Raleigh, NC, USA
14 – 16  Foundations Entertainment University  Chicago, IL, USA 💡 SPEAKING
27-30 Bowl Expo Las Vegas, NV USA 💡 SPEAKING
July 2016
14 – 16  League SMART is a biennial education conference  Milwaukee, WI, USA
August 2016
22 – 23  Foundations Entertainment University  Atlanta, GA, USA 💡 SPEAKING
24-25 Birthday University  Atlanta, GA, USA
September 2016
13 – 15 International Association of Trampoline Parks  Nashville, TN, USA 💡 SPEAKING