Branson, Missouri (February 25, 2020) – Boxblaster VR, a Miami-based VR Entertainment Network is pleased to report that, at the request of an existing customer, it has successfully converted their partner’s Exit Reality VR system into a Boxblaster attraction.
Boxblaster had installed their VR attraction in the Big Air Trampoline Park in Spartanburg, SC, in December 2019. Dustin Pelletier, the owner had such a positive response to Boxblaster’s performance, the family-friendly suite of games (including hit title Gold&Mace) and responsive customer service that he contacted the Boxblaster team to help solve a problem with Exit Reality VR attraction that he had in his second location in Branson, Missouri.

“We were really impressed with the quality of games, performance, support, and operations of the Boxblaster VR attraction. It was an obvious choice for us to re-platform Exit Reality attraction in our Missouri location to Boxblaster content and operating system” – Dustin said.
“We are focused on developing long-term relationships with our operator partners, so when one of our customers had a problem we could solve, we were ready to jump in and help”, said Vladimir Avdeev, President of Boxblaster VR.  “It took us about a day to troubleshoot and resolve lingering tech issues and then reformat the system onto Boxblaster’s content and operating platform. It runs perfectly fine and in the first 4 days of operations there were almost 400 players experiencing Boxblaster VR games in Branson.”
Information provided by Boxblaster VR