Boxblaster’ 4-Player Minibox Arena at Half the Upfront Cost with Four AI-Powered Custom Games

As reported by AmusementRC, “Boxblaster, a Miami-based start-up, launched its disruptive 4-player virtual reality arena, called Minibox at the International Bowl Expo in Las Vegas June 26-27.  Boxblaster has installed one Minibox location at the Miami-based VR Park at Dezer World and is now ready to expand.”

Minibox VR Arena is only 225 sq. ft.

“Equity-backed Boxblaster offers Minbox for $45,000, half the cost of comparative VR solutions for which providers charge operators two to three times the cost upfront for hardware and installation. Boxblaster’s long-term partnership with operators includes a 25% revenue share that includes hardware updates every 24 months, a commitment to delivering 4+ games per year, and full operational support.

Minibox is a VR cash machine for locations who want ROI in 6 months”, explained Boxblaster co-founder Vladimir Avdeev. “In a market dominated by too few companies, with overpriced products, it’s time to raise the stakes and profit from results.”

Boxblaster employs a team of 20 people in game to deliver the company’s unique Replay Boost AI (artificial intelligence), which makes every game dynamic and new, driving high repeat play value. Minibox offers four custom games at launch, which adapt to players in real time, adjusting difficulty to meet their skill. Waves of enemies and boss monsters change depending on the skills and number of players. Player positioning within the games is also randomized. Replay Boost AI ensures that Minibox games are fun and challenging for everyone, every time, even after numerous plays.

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“It usually takes VR companies two to three years to provide as much content as we are launching with Minibox”, noted Avdeev. “We keep players in mind, so we make multiplayer games with Replay Boost AI that appeal to all ages and skill levels.”

Minibox includes top-of-the-line hardware including HTC Vive Pro Headsets and 2070 Nvidia graphic processors. The turnkey 225 square foot arena features contemporary design, that can be customised for each location.

For more information contact Boxblaster at: [email protected] or visit

What this could mean? We all knew that the prices of Virtual Reality Arenas would be coming down but did not expect to see a 50% reduction this early on and with decent content. I had the privilege of speaking with Vladimir Avdeev and Bob Cooney (together) at Bowl Expo and discuss Boxblaster’s new concept of price reduction and the 25% revenue-share combination.  This formula was well-received and a viable way to penetrate the market quickly.  At this time, I was not provided with any revenue figures, but $1,250 per week is what would be needed to cover ROI in 6 months – reasonable.