What this could mean? Randy Thompson does indeed give the Bowl Expo 2019 Bip Picture from the Cat Bird Seat. Randy is not only following in the footsteps of many terrific BPAA Presidents but leading BPAA to new heights. This year’s Bowl Expo was the best in a decade. All of us can feel confident that bowling will surge forward as more people will bowl and bowl more often with all of the new twists and turns of new technological ways to bowl. Top this all off with the BPAA marketing efforts through all phases of media to get millions more eyeballs on bowling as a top brand. And now the key:  New string pin technology makes it so easy to repair and maintain the #1 attraction. It should be obvious that we will see more locations that will install lanes.  ‘Let’s go bowling’ will be a phrase more often heard. Don’t miss Randy’s interview, especially if you did not attend Bowl Expo 2019.

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