Amusement Expo 2016 was the best AE in the  past 10 years.  There was a lot of excitement and plenty of new products and technologies introduced.  Not counting any exhibitors I estimate that there were 1350 buyers and 27% of them attended the 1-Day seminar program.  And that does not count the 80+ buyers that attended the Laser Tag Convention seminars.  That is an amazing participation rate and shows that there is a huge thirst for knowledge.  The industry acknowledges that ‘it is time to raise the bar and change is necessary.’
Featured image from RePlay Magazine.

It took me two full days at Amusement Expo to do 68 video interviews that are now posted on YouTube. It took another three weeks for us to edit the videos and make sure that all of the company names, interviewees, and titles are correct, who was on the right and who was on the left, and as much background noise as possible was reduced (just like they do on the television series CSI-we do not have their capabilities).   

Here is a list of those 62 special companies that were interviewed during Amusement Expo:

  1. A&A Global Industries
  2. Adrenaline Amusements
  3. Aluvii
  4. American Changer
  5. AMOA Innovation Awards
  6. Amusement & Music Operators Association (AMOA)
  7. Amusement Products
  8. Andamiro
  9. Apple Industries/Face Place Photo
  10. ARC Laser Tag Arenas
  11. Barron Games
  12. Bay Tek Games
  13. Beatselecta
  14. Benchmark Games
  15. Betson Enterprises
  16. BMI Merchandise
  17. Bob’s Space Racers
  18. Bowling Center Management Magazine
  19. Coast to Coast Entertainment
  20. Coastal Amusements
  21. Creative Works
  22. Deltronic Labs
  23. Elaut
  24. Family Fun Companies
  25. Firestone Financial
  26. Fun Express
  27. Fun Slides Carpet Skate Park
  28. Game Operator at Age 5 – Planet Play Toys
  29. Gold Standard Games/Shelti
  30. Helix Leisure-EMBED
  31. IGPM/Kalkomat
  32. Incredible Technologies
  33. International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA)
  34. I-Play Technology Company
  35. Jennison Entertainment Technologies (JET)
  36. Keystone Insurers Group
  37. LaserBlast
  38. Laserforce
  39. LaZer Runner
  40. Namco USA
  41. Northeast Insurance Center
  42. Omega Carpet
  43. Party Center Software
  44. PayRange
  45. Play Meter Magazine
  46. QubicaAMF
  47. Quik n’ Crispy
  48. RePlay Magazine
  49. Rocket Amusements
  50. Sacoa Debit Card System
  51. S&B Candy and Toy
  52. Smart Industries
  53. Sureshot Redemption
  54. SuzoHapp
  55. Team Play
  56. Triotech
  57. Unit-e Technologies
  58. Universal Space (UNIS)
  59. US Bowling Corporation
  60. Venco Business Solutions
  61. WIK USA
  62. Zone Laser Tag
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Thank you all for being guinea pigs and giving me the opportunity to do this.  Peter Betti, Betson Chairman, was first and did a great interview.  We got better as we went along but we also got tired and you can see a little shake in the camera and a few stutters from me.  Thanks also to AAMA and AMOA show committees for making Amusement Expo a 2-day show and having a full day of seminars the day before.  A special thanks to WT Glasgow Trade Show Management (Brian Glasgow and his Team) for making it all happen.