Beat Saber, the attendant-free VR attraction, has drawn new fans at the Trafford Centre, where it joins the line-up at the Namco Funscape FEC.

As reported by Global Amusements & Play, “Namco Funscape entertainment venues provide fun for people of all ages. From ten-pin bowling, American pool tables, the latest arcade, and VR games, Pac-Man Soft play, food & drink, dodgem cars, parties, corporate events, and most recently, escape room and adventure golf.

Trevor Sutton, leisure equipment controller, Namco UK says, “We have been encouraged by Beat Saber’s early results and will be looking to run tournaments in the near future which will certainly give this title further exposure through our social media channels. This adds to our portfolio of digital out-of-home experiences and offers further diversity within our entertainment venues. Beat Saber will also debut during the Summer within our Butlins Bognor Regis portfolio where we already have a number of dedicated VR titles.”

“We are really pleased that Namco UK has chosen Beat Saber to join their extensive mix of VR and other attractions,” adds Matthew Deith, commercial director of Harry Levy Amusements. “People from every imaginable demographic love to play this game, and they love to watch their friends play. Beat Saber is performing extremely well since its arrival in Manchester.”


“Beat Saber is a visually exciting concept, thanks to an incredible music soundtrack and the unique rhythm-slashing dance moves as players swipe at ‘virtual’ beats using two illuminated wands. VRsenal’s Virtual Arcade Cabinet [80-inch 4K screen] is a single machine that can go from shipping pallet to fully operational in thirty minutes, all with zero technical expertise. The cabinet has a footprint of just 30 sq.-ft. (2.8 square meters) and has been optimized for high throughput, high uptime, high ROI, and low maintenance.

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Supporting HTC Vive Pro headsets, the cable management and retraction system provide a near-wireless experience, while the fully integrated ticketing system brings redemption functionality to the table. VRsenal then seals the deal with futuristic holographic signage that projects rotating Beat Saber logos that hover in mid-air just above the cabinet…”

What this could mean? A great breakthrough for VR, we have heard a lot of ‘buzz’ about Beat Saber over the past several months. With the tremendous success of Virtual Rabbids, the first VR non-attended game, having a VR music/dance game added to this category that is also tournament ready, is like our industry’s fairy godmother has waved her magic wand and said, ‘Go forth and make people happy and make money while you are at it’.

I am looking forward to watching how Beat Saber is rolled out and its revenue vs. cost data. Beat Saber is a game our industry needs to be successful and its timing is ‘well-timed’.