Crash! Boom! Wham!

Willy Crash is now available in a smaller size!

Experience the same gameplay of the original Willy Crash, just with a smaller cabinet and a 32″ screen. Willy Crash “Mini” is more than one-and-a-half feet narrower, 10 inches shallower, and almost one foot shorter than the original version. The software and even the plunger are the same; maintaining the same player experience but allowing it to fit into even more locations!

Detonate the TNT plunger to launch Willy Crash into a 3D cityscape. Aim for the tops of buildings to score big and watch Willy boogie down in a lively bonus celebration! Miss and he will hilariously crash into a number of cringe-worthy, interactive obstacles. Can losing be as much fun as winning? It just might be with Willy Crash!

Wish you could take the game home with you? Download the Willy Crash app and be launched into another level of fun!

This YouTube video says it all.



Bay Tek Entertainment

What this could mean?  We have been testing Willy Crash Mini for several weeks and it has certainly held its own against much larger games. The benefit is that smaller games can be placed closer to the front of game zones as they do not block the line of site to the other games.

Here is the skinny:

  • Mini will cost approximately 33% less than Willy Crash
  • Dimensions: W 2’-10.5”; D 4’; H 7’-11.5” (6’ with marquee removal)
  • WE 9-7-19 Gross $230 at 21% Payout with Rank #11 out of 40 Games. Pay special attention to the Rank rather than the revenues.

Once again BayTek has made a wise choice.  BayTek has had many top-earning games that have changed our industry in a big way.  Those that come to mind are Big Bass Wheel, Ticket Monster, and Connect 4 Hoops, with all 3 workhorses still in the Top 20 Rankings Overall!!

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