The original Chocolate Wheel prototype was shown at IAAPA a few years ago by Aulon Games Netherlands

I first noticed the Chocolate Wheel at IAAPA a few years ago and met Mark Schreurs of Aulon Games, Netherlands. Since then we have been corresponding as Mark has further developed the Chocolate Wheel concept.

The Chocolate Wheel is a modern version of Wheel of Fortune. This group game concept is very popular in Scandinavian countries with the initial Aulon customers from Sweden and then UK, Germany, US and even Dubai. The public likes to play because they can win big boxes of chocolate that they cannot buy in shops.

After 2 years of building various number of player prototypes that included an attractive wheel, graphics, lights, sound, complete bookkeeping that keeps track of all income and prizes won, the Chocolate Wheel hit the market. The versions come in 12, 24, 36, 48 player stations with 6 player add-on’s optional.

Key Features

  • The big wheel (180 cm diameter – 5 feet) works electronically with an optional remote control for the operator to start the wheel spinning.
  • A 12-station section is 200 cm (6 ft.) wide by 150 cm (4 ft.) deep.
  • Each playfield has a full-color LCD display, that shows pictures of the merchandise, but can also be used for promotional activities.
  • 2 big displays (on each side of the wheel) show the winning number.
  • The wheel stops at random and the payout is operator adjustable.
  • When all of the player stations are taken there is always 1 winner.
  • Each game takes about two minutes. The wheel stops after about 35 seconds (stopping time is also adjustable).
  • The stopping time is programmed to be 1 or more seconds different on each spin so the operator cannot cheat.
  • Can be set to accept coins, bills automatically.
  • Aulon offers customized models with different graphic packages
  • The price tag is very reasonable.
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For more information contact Mark Schreuers 06-42223506, [email protected],

A 30-Station Chocolate Wheel is shown in an Arcade in Blackpool UK

The Chocolate Wheels are also very good earners for traveling showman. Each winter 2 Chocolate Wheels are operated in 2 trailers in Hyde Park in London. Multi-player Chocolate Wheels can be placed in all kinds of parks and arcades where there is heavy traffic. When you have a good operator that can entertain the public, you have a real show stopper!

Hyde Park London Trailer Version of Chocolate Wheel

What this could mean?

As the saying goes: “It is all about the chocolate”. I originally was attracted to the Chocolate Wheel because I thought that a smaller version (say 12 stations) could be a consideration as an attraction for a small indoor/outdoor pocket park and even for an FEC in the US. Of course, each State has different regulations for coin-operated games, but group games oftentimes fall under a different category and even the prize limits are different.

Last I checked, a Chocolate Wheel was about 14,500 pounds, very reasonable.

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