An ATM robbery in Oregon took an unusual turn when the thief covered the machine in a box and calmly wheeled it out of a hospital on a hand truck. (Photo courtesy of Milwaukie Police Dept.)

As reported by RePlay, “A thief in Oregon gets points for creativity. According to local press reports, a man in Milwaukie, Ore., covered an ATM with a cardboard box and wheeled it casually out of a hospital on a hand truck with a reported $17,000 inside.

The theft, which took place on Aug. 17 at the Providence Milwaukie Hospital, has garnered grudging praise from both media and law enforcement.

Surveillance footage of the theft shows a middle-aged male in a ball cap who made his getaway in a Subaru. Local police are asking anyone with information to contact them at 503-786-7476.

What this could mean?  Sad to say, but hospitals are well-known for some sick stories. One would assume that an ATM would not only be bolted down but an alarm would be triggered as soon as the ATM was pulled away. These details are not in the story so we are left with words to describe the ATM removal procedure like ‘malpractice’, ‘no hospital stay required’, ‘free-no charge’, 100% covered by insurance… As you can see, I am all ‘choked’ up over this theft.

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