Per Apple Press Release, “Apple’s IAAPA booth was extremely busy at [IAAPA Expo Europe (Paris)] with visitors queueing to use the Marvel Adventure Lab and become part of a customized comic book. From Captain Marvel to Black Panther, the “Marvel Adventure Lab” transforms your photo into comic book art so you can become part of a personalized story or cover alongside a myriad of Marvel Comics Super Heroes (Spider-Man, Black Panther, Captain America, Guardians of The Galaxy, The Avengers, Iron Man, Groot, Venom Maximum, Thor and Captain Marvel).

The “Marvel Adventure Lab” by Face Place is an excellent way for the prospective buyers to create a new revenue stream and increase profits while offering customers a unique and fun experience. Thanks to IAAPA Expo Europe, Apple is extremely pleased to announce that the Marvel Adventure Lab is now being installed in many European Countries following a successful launch earlier this year in the United States, Australia, and Middle East.

Additional fun at the show came from Apple’s latest Face Place photobooth “Photo Studio Prism™”, a compact new version of Photo Studio Deluxe™. “Due to its monumental size, the popular Photo Studio Deluxe™ could only be installed in very large environments,” said Apple COO, Scott Avery, “and following so many requests from our loyal partners and distributors, we decided to develop Photo Studio Prism™, a smaller and more compact version to fit within many more locations. We were very pleased to notice a strong interest for both Photo Studio Deluxe™ and Photo Studio Prism™ at the IAAPA Expo and we are confident we will increase rapidly the number of units installed across Europe”.

Allen Weisberg, Apple CEO, mentioned “IAAPA EXPO Europe was extremely successful for us as we showcased incredible products to an enthusiastic European audience. This is also a unique opportunity for our Sales Team to meet again with our international distributors, potential new clients and all the Industry Leaders gathered for three days in beautiful Paris!”.


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About Apple Industries, Inc.:

Apple Industries is the leading photo booth manufacturer in the Amusement Industry and has been a family-run business for more than 50-years. Apple’s award-winning line of innovative Face Place photo booths are manufactured in the United States and include the following popular brand names: The world’s largest photo booth attraction, the Face Place Photo Studio Deluxe, Face Place Scene Machine, Face Place Sapphire, Face Place Ruby, Face Place Deluxe, Face Place Photo2Go, Face Place Wedding Booth, Face Place Magazine Me, the Face Place Theme Park for outdoor locations, and the latest Face Place addition, The Marvel Adventure Lab, an exclusive photo booth developed by Apple Industries in partnership with Marvel. Face Place photo booths operate on advanced software platforms with features and benefits include remote access, instant updates and uploads, auditing systems, social media integration and a growing database of content, including but not limited to licensed content available in the United States, some of which include Universal Pictures, Marvel Comics, Hollywood blockbusters and more!

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Face Place

What this could mean?

The Apple booth at every trade show always attracts the attendees. I would expect the same demand for the many Apple products at the IAAPA Expo Europe. Photobooths have always been heavily used in the UK and other European countries and I am glad to see that Apple is now getting established in this section of the world.

If you want to learn more about all of the Apple products, I would advise you to attend the Apple Breakfast at IAAPA on Wednesday, November 20 at 8:00-9:30 am in N310AB.  You will need to register on the Apple website. See you there!!!