Andamiro USA in partnership with Pennsylvania’s Firstlease has just announced its first-ever Games and Equipment Leasing Program. Leasing programs range from as low as $25 a week to $42 a week.

Nick Montano, Director of Marketing:  “Our lease program, Andamiro USA’s first-ever, allows operators to acquire the latest top-earning games, along with our state-of-the-art redemption kiosk, with low monthly payments and no money down. Featured products in this groundbreaking leasing program, underwritten by Firstlease, are:

These new products and other popular Andamiro games are ready to ship. Plug in before Memorial Day! Contact your distributor or Andamiro USA’s Tony Maniscalco, (561) 373-8210, or Nick Montano, (646) 325-6477.

Additional Product Details

The Redeem Machine solution gives the operator greater peace of mind by protecting assets and improving the customer experience. It centrally secures valuable redemption currency, prevents theft, defeats counterfeiting and reduces labor costs. And it allows the customer to “skip the line” at the redemption counter to exchange items for tickets at their convenience.

“We took time to understand the needs of redemption operators of all shapes and sizes,” said Andamiro USA president Drew Maniscalco. “For family entertainment center operators, the Redeem Machine’s self-service operation eliminates the need for staff intervention, reducing gridlock at redemption checkout counters. For route operators, it makes possible the placement of high-earning, card-dispensing games in small, unattended gamerooms.”

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Ticket Boxes are rectangular redemption ticket sign blocks that can be used in Andamiro’s Safe Cracker and Prize Pod units, and merchandisers from other makers. Andamiro’s Ticket Box kit consists of six 9.125” W. x 4” D. x 4.375” H. boxes (assembly required) and 12 colorful 9.125” W. x 4” H. ticket decals in six denominations (two of the same are applied to a box’s front and back). Ticket Boxes, an alternative to product prizes, will turn a merchandiser into a redemption powerhouse. They ship at no charge with Andamiro’s merchandisers and can be purchased separately.

What this could mean? No money down and low weekly payments on games that make money works for me and most in our industry. Any time you can get positive cash flow from the first day forward is something to consider seriously.

Looks like my company will need to get these Andamiro games and the Redeem Machine to one of our 4 test locations pronto. Several Andamiro games continue to generate great revenues as seen in The Redemption & FEC Report. SpongeBob Pineapple Arcade has boon a Top 10 game since it was first released. I sure wish I could get that game for $42 a week or $6,552 total for 3 years.  Nah. Only wishful thinking!!!!

The Redemption & FEC Report