Basketball Pro measures 32” W. x 38” D. x 98” H. (79″ H. without the marquee).

It is with great pleasure to write and publish my 100’th consecutive Frank ‘the Crank’s Daily News (FCDN). Few in the industry thought I could keep the consecutive string going—me included!

“Basketball Pro is both a great family game for arcades and two-player competitive piece for the bar and street market,” said Andamiro USA President Drew Maniscalco. “It has loads of entertainment value.”

“This is not your ordinary “free-throw” basketball device. Rather, Basketball Pro reimagines the arcade adaptation of basketball by encapsulating a truly interactive experience: follow the moving basket/backboard, pound and shoot, and make as many baskets as possible in 40 seconds.” Drew Maniscalco, President Andamiro USA Corp.

Andamiro unveiled Basketball Pro in March at the Amusement Expo. It has been on test for several months during which time it has proven to be a top earner and mechanically sound. The ‘Crank’ was certainly also attracted to Basketball Pro at AEI as shown in this YouTube Video titled ‘The Challenge’

From Andamiro Press Release:

The distinguishing feature of Andamiro’s new sports piece is the player interface that consists of two controllers which are the size and shape of real basketballs. Players pound the big external balls to shoot the little balls inside the play zones. The air-powered interface allows players to control all their shots. The game’s two-player stations offer single play or side-by-side competitive play. Its two backboards, equipped with hoops and game clocks, move up and down as players propel the mini balls at them with each pound.

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Gameplay is simple and engaging. Players select “single mode” or “versus mode,” and the game starts when the music begins. Players quickly learn to adjust their hitting power applied to the external ball by following the moving basket. Players score three points every time they make a basket and six points during the final 10 seconds of the game called “double time.” The game ends with the sound of a whistle (40 seconds is the default play time).

Whether a player is “pounding” alone or competing against a friend, gameplay is fast, fun and spirited. In arcades, players win tickets based on points. In bars and street venues, players with the highest scores earn bragging rights — try to beat that! Most operators will agree that games offering competitive play are more exciting and typically generate greater earnings. When Basketball Pro’s versus mode is enabled, backboard movement is synchronized.

The game’s player zones, separated with fine stainless-steel wire ropes, have plenty of room for some great shooting. The concave court surface directs the balls into the shooting mechanism. Each court measures 14″ W. x 20″ D. and has a vertical drop of three feet. During gameplay the moving backboards climb and descend over much of that vertical. A lively soundtrack, background cheers and an announcer calling the shots enhance the Basketball Pro experience: “Hey, let’s play some hoops!”; “Great shot!”; “Three pointer!”; “Six-point play!”; “What a shot!; Basket!”; and on, and more.”

For more information contact Nick Montano at 646.325.6477 – [email protected].
or Drew Maniscalco –  [email protected]

See Andamiro’s new game in action on YouTube.  Connect with Andamiro on TwitterFacebook or Instagram.

What this could mean? Pro Basketball is not only a fun game to play but it takes a lot of energy to keep pounding and adjusting to the changing hoop heights for a full 40 seconds. I would recommend if you decide to play a 2nd game that you change hands. It is also important for potential buyers to know that “Andamiro is including at no charge a replacement set of basketball controllers with each Basketball Pro purchase”. The ball material is made of PVC and elastomer, a synthetic compound known for its flexibility and durability.

About Andamiro USA
Based in Gardena, CA, Andamiro USA Corp. is a subsidiary of Andamiro Co. Ltd., a Korean game manufacturer founded in 1992. Andamiro makes ticket redemption amusements, prize merchandisers, sports games and videogames, including Pump It Up dance simulators. Andamiro opened its U.S. office in 2000 in southern California. It has since brought to market dozens of high-earning arcade titles that operate in a variety of entertainment destinations. The NFL Players Inc., Nickelodeon, Universal and World Wrestling Entertainment Inc. are among our licensing partners.

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