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“The 2019 AMOA On the Road Program will be conducted October 25-27 just outside Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport at the O’Hare Westin in Rosemont, Illinois. The continuing education portion of the program will take place all day Saturday, October 26 and will wrap up at noon on Sunday, October 27 allowing attendees ample time to catch flights/drive home.”

 AMOA’s On Campus Program will run concurrently with On the Road, however, the group will continue the weekend with sessions on Sunday afternoon, October 27 and Monday morning, October 28.

On Campus has been around for a long time – 47 years in fact – and one of the original graduates from Class III has some thoughts on encouraging industry folks to consider attending the education program:

“What this could mean for the success of your business? The simple answer is ‘a lot’. I graduated from Class III (the best class when there were 5 long weekend sessions spanning 2-1/2 years) [pictured here]. We learned how to manage our business and analyze competitive threats so we could grow slowly and profitably. We were fortunate to learn from some of the top professors at Notre Dame like Dr. Jack Kennedy who also taught strategic planning and SWAT analysis to 3 or 4 US Presidents. He taught us the 80/20 rule and how it applied to the amusement business. We also learned contract law from one of the top contract law professors. Wow, did we get an education! – including from Notre Dame Head Coach Lou Holtz”

 Click here to finish reading AMOA Past President Frank Seninsky’s testimonial for the On Campus Program.

8 Graduate AMOA Notre Dame Class XVIII Executive Development Program

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