AMOA’s Off the Top reports, “Coin-op equipment buyers in search of new product need look no further than their annual trade show to find ample evidence on display.

A great example is this year’s roster of Innovator Awards program, where a solid 28 items from 20 firms will serve as this year’s entries.

The finalists are being screened and evaluated by a team of judges prior to the opening of this year’s AEI on Wednesday, March 27 and the winners will be announced during the annual AMOA Membership Breakfast Meeting on Thursday, March 28 at the Westgate Hotel in Las Vegas.

Be sure to visit this year’s Innovator Award program participants to see first-hand their new offerings:

  • A & A Global Industries
  • Andamiro
  • Apple Industries
  • Arachnid 360
  • BayTek
  • Benchmark Games International
  • Coastal Amusements 
  • Creative Works
  • Foto ATM
  • Funovation
  • Gametime Blitz
  • Max Amusements
  • Nu Tech Promotions
  • Qubica AMF
  • Semnox
  • Team Play Inc.
  • Tigapo
  • TouchMagix
  • UNIS

What this could mean?  Hats off to AMOA’s Show Innovator Awards Sub Committee, Chaired by Scott John (Amuse O Matic, Dodge IA) his 13 AMOA Board of Directors Team, for the incredible amount of time that these 14 people put in to go through each nominated item. It is also very special, indeed, that the manufacturers/suppliers (from the AAMA) choose to submit their innovative items and display them at the Amusement Expo. Innovation is what drives industry and without this Amusement Expo showcase, we operators would be left in the dust. The AMOA Sub Committee is made up of operators who are extremely innovative in their own right and well qualified to choose innovative products.  From my old days on the AMOA Board, a new innovation or new technology does not have to be displayed in a top game, for example. Sometimes this is the case, but sometimes the new technology benefits do not go to the original innovator, but rather to others who see a better way to utilize it.

The list of the 20 companies above is impressive. I was very fortunate to have done 13 YouTube Videos of these 20 companies by seeking them out at the IAAPA 2018, Bowl Expo 2018, and Amusement Expo 2018.

To view these 13 videos, here is a link to the Frank Seninsky YouTube Channel:

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