American Changer Corporation has announced (post close) the asset purchase agreement of Rowe Bill Changers, LLC, one of the oldest U.S. manufacturers of self-serve money changers – seen throughout the country’s amusement, vending, laundromat and commercial car wash markets, from Valley-Dynamo. Rowe Bill Changers has been servicing the industry for more than 50 years.

Products and parts for Rowe changers will continue to be sold under the Rowe name but will be provided from American Changer’s manufacturing and corporate center based in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

American Changer

As reported in the Frank’ the Crank’s Daily News and in an exclusive YouTube interview with American Changer at IAAPA, American Changer recently introduced their non-networked RFID Card Payment System to the amusement industry.

According to American Changer’s Press Release, “They have set up production of several parts (such as ROWE validators and hoppers) and Bill Changers (such as ROWE models BC1400, BC1500, BC1600 and the BC2800) at their corporate headquarters in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. By including ROWE products in their already expansive line, customers have a vast variety of options from a single source to help meet their needs – new, replacement or retrofit.

“The team at American Changer transferred all ROWE inventory and equipment to their Fort Lauderdale, Florida facility and they anticipate shipping ROWE branded products by the end of February. Communication lines have been redirected to American Changer, allowing customers easy access to their Sales and Service departments.

“American Changer plans on working with select technology vendors who recently supplied components to Rowe Bill Changers, LLC to expand its options into additional technologies and supply sources. The goal is to help American Changer further position itself as a market leader in the self-serve and vended market space.

Wayne Snihur, President and COO of American Changer noted that “there has been a very positive response within the industry, from both distributors and end users. The team at American Changer has mapped out a post-agreement plan and it is being pursued accordingly – we expect favorable results and we thank our ever-expanding customer base for their business. American Changer, Rowe, and Hoffman Mint are proud to be the trifecta.”

American Changer

What this could mean? As an owner/operator of hundreds of Rowe BC-3500 and BC-35’s, although discontinued models, these changers have been our ‘workhorses’ for, let me guess 40 years. Some of our token changers have changed millions of dollars. We have relied on Rowe to continue to provide parts for these changers (actually we have so many that we strip parts from those units in the warehouses to keep the others running like well-oiled machines.  Over time, however, it is more economical to buy NEW American Changers, and of course, we install American Changers in all of our debit card system locations.

Advice:  The discounted Rowe bill changers make an excellent safe, locked storage cabinet, … for both commercial and home use. They are built so well that you need a diamond tipped chain saw to cut through the cabinets.

About American Changer Corporation – Headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida USA American Changer is an innovator and manufacturer of Banknote Changers and designs products which include Redemption Devices, Custom Solutions & Tokens (Hoffman Mint). The team at American Changer works closely with distributors, operators, and OEMs worldwide in a variety of venues. The company endeavors to provide secure, automated, and practical solutions with an emphasis on lowering installation and operating costs, maximizing machine uptime, enhancing revenues, reducing pilferage and improving profits.

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